Animalfoods is established bij mister Denis De Caluwe. After running a breeding project in the United Arab Emirates. During he 5 years in a very hot climate, quality food was difficult to find  Therefore food was imported from Europe. Back in Belgium Denis started Animalfoods by selling day-old chicks for falconers. In 2005 mice, rat and quail were also available. And in 2009 the distribution of Barf food for dogs and cats.


Personal contact

Our team is happy to help you with all your questions


Fast Delivery

Animalfoods has all items in stock.


Frozen shipments

Belgium by own vehicules

France by Stef Transport

Middle East by container or airfrieght with dry ice (max 400 kg)


Oudeheerweg Ruiter 73

9250 Waasmunster

Email: info@animalfoods.eu

Telephone: +32496254444

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Oudeheerweg Ruiter 73      

 9250 Waasmunster

BE 0474.602.390

Tel: +32 52 69 44 44  GSM: +32 496 25 44 44


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