Hygiene rules raw food


Raw meat and prey animals naturally contain different bacteria. The majority of these are good bacteria that ensure good health and intestinal flora of your animal. In addition, there is a part of bacteria that can possibly cause problems for certain people such as the elderly, young children and people with impaired resistance.


Therefore, we advise you to observe the following requirements.

  • Store the products, in a sealed container, in the freezer at -18 °C. When air can come to the product then it will dry out slowly and will reduce the nutritional value.
  • Then defrost the raw feed and/or the prey in a leak-proof and lockable container in the refrigerator so that it cannot come into contact with your own power supply.
  • Do not store the meat for more than 2 days in your refrigerator. If the packaging is too much for 2 days for your animal to eat, divide it into several portions when the product is still frozen.
  • The bacteria will multiply faster as the temperature is higher so give the raw feed to your animal in a cool space and out of the sun and don't leave it uncooled for more than 1 hour.
  • If your animal has not eaten the food within an hour, throw it away.
  • Make sure that no flies or other insects can come to the feed, as they spread bacteria.
  • Afterwards wash everything that has been in contact with the meat well with warm water and detergent or a disinfectant, also your hands.
  • Make sure that no small children can get to the raw food.

For more info: Check this site: Feed Raw Right


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